Analisis Kekuatan Kaca Pengaman Berlapis Untuk Bahan Bangunan

  • Muhammad Firdausi
  • Febri Ubaidillah


ABSTRACT The use of glass as a building material has been recognized since the 17th century. Glass can be a major component of building materials, although it still requires other supporting elements as a frame or reinforcement. Laminated safety glass is one of the glass commodities that concern the safety of its users, in case of damage it will be resisted by polyvinyl burtyral (PVB) to keep the glass layer bonded even when broken, this results in a spider web cracking pattern. Layered safety glass is widely used in building parts such as walls, roofs, floors and stairs. Testing of safety glass for buildings refers to SNI 15-2609-2006. The tests carried out included resistance to impact pocket collisions and resistance to impact from steel balls. The results of the impact bag impact test from a collision height of 30 cm the test sample did not occur cracks and breaks and at a height of 75 cm the test sample cracked but the impact bag did not penetrate the test sample, so the test sample met the requirements to pass the test while at a height of 120 cm the test sample cracks and breaks then the coated safety glass does not meet the requirements to pass the test, at 2 collision heights and 2 drop heights the test sample balls meet the test requirements while at 1 impact height and 1 drop height the test sample balls do not meet the test pass requirements Keywords: coated safety glass, impact bag test, steel ball impact test.