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A Customer Service System is a platform designed to provide a superior service experience to customers of a company or organization. PT. Media Shaing Center is one of the companies engaged in ISP (Internet Service Provider) services, to provide the best service, use professional workers, commit to high work standards, show quality service products, foster good communication to all customers one of the missions and goals of the company. PT Media Sharing Center still has obstacles in it, one of which is the problem of sub-optimal customer registration and billing. The current customer service process still uses paper and Personal Chat whatsapp only, namely the registration process which is still manual using paper and pen and customer billing which still uses personal chat with the whatsapp application so that customer service is not efficient and less optimal. So the application of a website-based customer service system to the customer service system is needed so that the service in the company can run well and optimally, besides that it can save time in the process, because computer systems can do work that is fast, precise and accurate in processing data so that there is no need to spend more energy and time. In order to support this research, the analysis method used is E-CRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) and model design using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) so as to get a service system that is still manual and has not provided an effective and efficient system. Therefore, a website-based system is needed that can assist in registering and billing customers to be more effective and efficient.Keywords : Website Customer Service System, Information System, PT. Media Sharing Center