Image enhancement using morphological methods on paleographic images of the VOC archives

  • Bandot Sumardiyono Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia


VOC archives that are hundreds of years old have been damaged due to, among others, corrosion of ink, insects and humidity in their storage places so that the results of the digital paleographic image transfer of the VOC archives have noise. Image quality improvement is carried out to improve the digital image to be better than the original image, so that it will be easier for readers to read the information contained in the VOC Archive. The method used for quality improvement is the Morphological method with erode, dilate, opening and closing operations. Assessment of test results using the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) scale. The results of the trial of the four operations, the closing operation provides better performance than other operations with an MOS value of 4.Keywords : Morphological Operations , Mean Opinion Score, Paleography.