• Yozie Zanmottama
  • Ima Rachima Nazir


ABSTRACT Bogor is one of the cities whose city growth tends to be rapid, making it many visitors visit Bogor, especially for tourism or for residential relocation. Bogor is known for the beauty of its parks and natural scenery, therefore it is very suitable for a quality and sustainable residence. Based on the results of the 2020 Population Census organized by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Bogor City has a population of 5.427.068 people. This makes Bogor City the city with the largest population in West Java Province. With the rapid increase in population, but the available residential facilities are still somewhat inadequate, apartments that are in harmony with nature are needed. This research focuses on the issue on how to apply an apartment design so that it can be considered as an apartment with a green architecture concept, which is a building that prioritizes environmental sustainability, minimizes negative impacts, and creates positive impacts on climate and nature surrounding the location of the apartment. The aim of this research is to understand the application of the concept of green architecture in apartment design in Bogor. This research uses descriptive methods to present the data and the analysis of qualitative data. The qualitative data was analyzed interpretively. The research results show that the concept of green architecture which consists of working with climate, respect for site and respect for users in the apartment planning in the city of Bogor can be implemented well. Keywords: Apartment, Green Architecture, working with climate, respect for site, respect for user
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