• Raden Mohamad Wisnu Ibadi


ABSTRACT Research methodology as the science of conducting research has been widely discussed in various scientific articles and books. The majority of scientific books and articles discuss research methodology partially or in part. The advantage of this condition is that the discussion can be studied in depth and detail. The drawback of this condition is that it makes the theories related to the research seem like they are standing separately, even though in fact all of these theories are interconnected and continuous. The research method used in this research is qualitative-descriptive by conducting a literature review. This article aims to present the flow of relationships in the realm of research methodology, especially the relationship between research paradigms, research approaches and research methods. It is hoped that the results of the discussion of this article will provide benefits to researchers with a clear picture of the stages of the research process that must be carried out before and during the research Keywords: Research Methodology, Research Paradigms, Research Approaches, Research Methods.
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