Evaluation Of Post-Occupancy On Provision Of Customer Facilities At BNI KCP Parung Office

  • Maulina Dian Architecture Study Program, ISTN Jakarta
  • Salsa Jelita Architecture Study Program, ISTN Jakarta


BNI Parung Sub-Branch Office is a company/bank office whose business activities assist the activities of the Main Branch Office in Margonda. In it, there are several problems, especially related to a decrease in the performance of providing facilities for customers that are not functioning properly, the number of customers who come/visit exceeds the capacity of the room, especially in the waiting room, and the area of the room that is not sufficient. In addition, it has not been fulfilled in terms of behavioral aspects (behavior), as well as identifying performance on aspects of convenience and comfort so that a post-occupation evaluation (EPH) study is needed on the provision of customer facilities at BNI KCP Parung bank to assess the performance of these aspects. The method used is investigative method, that is using research objectively and explicitly. by observing behavior (Observing Behavior) and mapping behavior in the form of place centered mapping, in addition to adding the interview method. From the results of the research and discussion it can be concluded that the facilities provided for customers at BNI KCP Parung cannot function properly, because the behavior settings and interactions carried out in the BNI KCP Parung building result in a decrease in the quality of comfort.
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